The life of Vincent James Lumia, a 33-year-old Patrick County massage therapist, aspiring actor and filmmaker, came to a violent end Monday night at his mother’s home on Eanes Road near Check in Floyd County.

According to State Police reports, Lumia drove a Ford Explorer which rammed two police cruisers after sheriff’s deputies and a veteran state trooper responded to a domestic disturbance call.  The trooper fired at the Explorer. Lumia died.

Another shooting death in a county where such violence used to be a rare occurance. In the last seven months, a county man has died from gunshot wounds in a drug deal gone bad, another from shots fired from the weapon of the county’s animal control officer.

When you use a vehicle to ram police vehicles and try to run down a police officer, you are asking to die/ But what has spurred this onslaught of violence in recent months? Is it an outgrowth of a nation under stress? Drugs? Mental instability?

We won’t know the details on how and why V.J. Lumia died until the investigation is complete.  From the preliminary reports, it appears the State Trooper, indentified only as a "27-year-veteran of the department" was justified in opening fire.

But three violent deaths by gunfire in seven months in a county where gunshot wounds are normally the result of hunting accidents seems to defy the odds.

What the hell is going on?