Contamination in water lines at Floyd County High School Thursday prompted anxious phone calls from students to parents.

FCHS principal Barry Hollandsworth took quick action to close off the two contaminated lines, posted a letter to parents on the school’s web site and sent copies home with students.

Hollandsworth said a pressure valve malfunctioned in the school’s boiler system and contaminated water in the cafeteria kitchen and a restroom. Students were warned to not wash their hands in ther rest rooms or drink water from the school’s water fountains. The school furnished hand sanitizers and bottled water to students.

I shot a basketball game at FCHS Thursday night and the fountains were working.

Quick action by Hollandsworth and school officials kept parents informed and help allay their fears.  The school avoided a backlash from parents like the one that occured in December 2007 when a water problem at Willis Elementary School was downplayed and buried in the back pages of a newsletter.

UPDATE (Feb. 2, 1:55 p.m.): School officials say they are still working on the problem. The letter from Hollandworth did not say the problem has been  corrected although another school official told me last Thursday night that "the water is fine."