Many business owners in Floyd worked Monday and Tuesday to clear the sidewalks in front of their establishments so customers, clients and patrons could make it to their front door after the snow that blanketed the area.

But sidewalks that the town of Floyd should keep clear remained untouched as of 10:45 a.m. Tuesday.

Deep snow blocked the sidewalks on Locust Street in front of Lineberry Park and the town parking lot, forcing pedestrians to use the roadway and face the danger of traffic.

Yet sidewalks were clear in front of Angels in the Attic, the Floyd Country Store, Farmers Supply, Blue Ridge Restaurant and most other town businesses. Establishments that serve food collect and pass on extra sales tax to the town but the town’s slow response to cleaning the streets makes us wonder where the money is going. It certainly isn’t going to keep the sidewalks clear or safe.

Update: The sidewalks were finally shoveled — sort of — Tuesday afternoon although a lot of ice and slush remained.  Most of the sidewalks in front of businesses were open and dry. A glaring exception was the snow and ice covered walk in front of two lawyers’ offices: Bob Boswell and Rob Spessard on Main Street between the Blue Ridge Restaurant and Highland Hardwoods. You would think lawyers would be more aware of the town ordinance requiring the sidewalks to be cleaned.

SECOND UPDATE: The sidewalks in front of the lawyers’ offices have been cleared.