With the thermometer outside reading eight degrees, the National Weather Service in Blacksburg issued a "black ice warning" for the morning.

Ya think? Many of our secondary roads remain snow and ice covered. Some are partially blocked by snowdrifts. Floyd County Schools remain closed for a third day.

The temperature is expected to climb to 45 degrees today, which means some — but no where near all — of the accumulated snow will melt. Then the temps plunge to 24 tonight, which means that which melted will freeze and we will face ice again on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, the high is expected to hit 55 — more melting — and then drop at least 20 degrees to around 35 — more freezing in higher elevations. Friday is more Spring like — 64 — with a low around 45. Then Saturday’s high will close in on 70 and the lows around 48. Who knows? By sometime next week all the snow should be gone.

If the forecast holds — and that’s always a big "if" — we should have highs in the 60s through next Wednesday before the next cooling trend hits. No rain in the forecast this week, which would help melt the snow and wash away the ton of salt and abrasives on the road.