Now starts the guessing game: How long will it take for the snow to melt? How many warm days will turn the white stuff to slush only to be frozen by the cold nights? The National Weather Service predicted the low this morning would be around 35. They lied. The mercury dropped to 25 at Chateau Thompson and is only 27 right now.

Those same weather forecasters say the high today will hit 58 today, 62 on Friday and top 70 on both Saturday and Sunday.

But snow will most likely remain on our sun-deprived driveway for at least the next couple of days and the four-to-five foot drifts will no doubt linger into the next week.

With luck I will get my motorcycle out this weekend and ride but it will take extra time after each trip to wash the salt and grit off when I get home.

Rain is forecast for next week. Maybe that will help wash all the grit away.