My six week old Harley Superglide is sitting in the shop at Roanoke Valley Harley-Davison for installation of some accessories while I sit in the dealership’s customer service lounge. Bored by what’s on CNN, I start to blog…on a Blackberry Storm.

RVHD has not yet discovered the concept of providing wi-fi so customers can bring a laptop and get real work done while waiting on their bikes so I’m typing with my thumbs on the Blackberry’s touch screen: Not an ideal situation but one that works in a pinch.

As I type away, I realize how tethered we are to technology. On the road, I look for restaurants with wi-fi so I can work while eating. I cuss at my cell phone when a signal is not available. I carry a Blackberry because I’m addicted to instant access to email. When someone sends me an email, a tingling sensation on my hip tells me it has arrived immediately. I can reply instantly. Too often, I stop what I’m doing to do so.

Down time appears to be a relic of ther past in our fast-paced, do-more-with-less lifestyles — even here in the country where things are supposed to be laid back. On any given day there can be four or five laptops using Cafe del Sol’s free wi-fi service in Floyd while others chat on cell phones.

Most people don’t even think of trying my office or home phone numbers. I get more calls in both places on the cell.

Which is why I’m typing away on a Blackberry in the customer service lounge of a motorcycle shop instead of leaning back on their soft leather couch, drinking their free coffee and watching CNN. So much for relaxation.

But soon, my bike will be ready, my Blackberry will go into a saddlebag where I can’t hear it or feel the vibration and I will be on the road and — for a while at least — out of touch with the rest of the world.

Now that’s nirvana.