The 2009 Citizens phone directory arrived in Floyd County mailboxes Friday and electric power went out on homes in some parts of the county that afternoon.

Connected? Not on the surface, unless you needed to use the new phone book to look up the number for AEP so you could call and report the power outage.

AEP, our county’s sole electric power utility, is not listed in the new phone directory from Citizens Telephone Cooperative, our county’s sole telephone service provider.

Tried checking with Citizens to find out what happened but they were closed for Good Friday.

Power went out at our house shortly after 2 p.m. Fortunately, we have a Guardian automatic backup generator that kicks in and restores power after 45 seconds. But when Amy tried to look up the number of AEP in the new phone book, it wasn’t there.

We still have a 2008 phone book and the number is listed there so I looked it  up and called AEP to report the outage and then asked to speak to Customer Service. It took several levels of prompts to finally get to a person:

Can I help you sir."

"Yes, I’d like to report a phone book outage."

"A what?"

"A phone book outage. Your number is not in our new phone directory."

"Sir, it is our policy to place our phone listings in the directories of all areas were serve."

"Not so in Floyd County."

"Well, sir, you will need to take that up with the phone company that serves your area."

"I can’t. They’re closed today."

"Well, sir, our number is on your bill."

"I don’t get a bill. I pay my bills online and you no longer send bills to our home."

"Well, sir, you can always look up the number on our web site."

"I could but let’s suppose that my power’s out and I don’t have a backup generator and I can’t get on my computer. What do I do then?"

"I’m afraid I don’t know sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Just for grins, I called directory assistance. Yep, you can get the phone number that way.

Just not in the new phone book.