Interesting conversation Saturday with Doug Phillips, chairman of the Floyd County School Board. I asked him about complaints about problems with some school bus drivers.

Phillips said he didn’t know about the complaints. Seems complaints filed with the school system don’t always make it to the school board.

"I hadn’t heard about this," Phillips said when asked about complaints about school buses running stop signs or speeding on county roads. He also said he wasn’t aware of the discussion on this web site about the issue. Although the posting on Blue Ridge Muse was reportedly copied and delivered to each bus driver, it apparently was not sent on to the chairman of the school board or any member of the board.

Which begs the question: Why not?  If the chairman of the school board, which has final responsibility for what happens to students, is not getting information about complaints about the driving of some bus drivers, then who is supressing the information?

The chairman of the school board should know when citizens have a problem. The voters who elect members of the school board also need to know why such information is suppressed.

A suggestion. The next time any citizen of Floyd County has a complaint about a problem within the school system, copy that complaint to each member of the school board:

Clay E. Link – District A-81 (Locust Grove)
8675 Floyd Highway North
Copper Hill, VA 24079
Home Telephone: (540) 929-4393
Work Telephone: (540) 375-2280
Email: Clay E. Link

David R. Sulzen – District B-81 (Little River)
721 Dobbins Farm Rd. NE
Floyd, VA 24091
Home Telephone: (540) 745-4745
Work Telephone: (540) 365-4316
Email: David R. Sulzen

J. Howard Conduff, Jr. – District C-81 (Courthouse) – Vice-Chairman
P.O. Box 113
Floyd, VA 24091
Home Telephone: (540) 745-5557
Work Telephone: (540) 745-4171
Email: J. Howard Conduff, Jr.

Margaret Hubbard – District D-81 (Burks Fork)
1543 Floyd Hwy. South
Floyd, VA 24091
Home Telephone: (540) 745-4804
Email: Margaret Hubbard

Douglas R. Phillips – District E-81 (Indian Valley) – Chairman
P.O. Box 29
Indian Valley, VA 24015
Home Telephone: (540) 789-4497
Work Telephone: (540) 745-3700
Email: Douglas R. Phillips