On March 31, we discussed questionable driving behavior by some of Floyd County’s school bus drivers. A check revealed buses not obeying the stop sign at East Main Street and Barberry Road in Floyd and speeding by some drivers on U.S. 221 north of town and on Sandy Flats Road.

We were told that a copy of the article was distributed to bus drivers. On Monday, we decided to check to see if shining the spotlight on poor driving practices improved the driving habits of school bus drivers.

Using a high-definition video camera and a telephoto lens, we videotaped buses at the intersection of East Main and Barberry as school let out on Monday afternoon. As the video above clearly shows, three out of the four school bus drivers videotaped broke the law by running the stop sign. Two ran through the sign without even slowing while a third slowed but did not come to a complete stop as required by law. In one case, a bus pulls out in front of an oncoming car. Other buses observed Monday did stop.

The buses weren’t alone in breaking the law. As the vidieo shows, drivers of several cars also ran the stop sign.

We had hoped to find increased attention to traffic laws and more concern for the safety of school children who use the county’s school transportation sysem. We had hoped to hear from the school administration that some action would be taken to correct the problem. We had hoped the sheriff’s department and State Police would step up enforcement of bus drivers who routinely break the law.

Guess we hoped for too much.

(A larger version of this video is available here.)