Oddfellas Cantina co-owner Kerry Underwood, who is also one of the new owners of The Republic of Floyd, told county supervisors Tuesday night that FloydFest has a tremendous economic impact on both the town and the county.

Underwood isn’t the only Floyd business owner to report a positive economic impract. Long-time Floyd Express Mart owner Roger Hollandsworth estimates his business increased at least 20 percent during the event and we’ve heard similar –and often larger — estimates from other establishments, including Food Lion.

Underwood also pointed out that school systems often help wit transportation for large-scale events that bring crowd and revenue to an area.   Merlefest, he said, is a good example.

The Oddfellas Cantina owner joined FloydFest co-founder Erika Johnson and others at the meeting Tuesday night to answer questions posed by supervisors at earlier meetings and to correct misinformation that has been passed around since this year’s festival.

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