Spent Sunday engaged in some real grassroots activity — mowing the three-and-a-half acres of front yard that we call the lower 40.

People always warn me that I will hurt myself someday on my motorcycle but I have been injured far more seriously in leaps from a John Deere riding lawn mower when it rolled on the hillside that slopes sharply downward at up to a 35-degree slope. The last rollever left me with bruised ribs and kidney.

So I fired up the Kubota Sunday, hoping the wide-stance four-wheel drive tractor with weights all around would allow me to tackle our yard for the year’s first cutting with a minimum of excitement.

It did, for a while, until the mowing deck threw a belt. With rain approaching I didn’t have time to tackle the belt replacement so I wheeling out the Deere and tackled the last two-things of the yard.

Finished up just as the rain started the fall. Will tackle the Kubota’s wayward belt later this week. With three days of rain coming, the grass will need cutting again by week’s end.