The National Weather Service this morning issued the following weather statement for Floyd County:

Above seasonal temperatures and dry conditions will continue for one more day. Until the area receives rainfall… Fire danger will remain high.

Temperatures today are expected to be 15 to 18 degrees above normal. These very warm temperatures… In combination with low afternoon relative humidity… Will result in the dry woodland fuels… Such as leaves and brush. Fire can spread quickly under these conditions.

A reminder… Open air burning in virginia and west virginia is not permitted before 4:00 pm. Even after 4:00 pm… Be very careful with fire… And make sure your fire is not close to an area where it can escape into the woods or a wild land area. Make sure you have water on-hand… And use proper tools… Such as fire rakes and shovels to slow the progression of the fire and to keep it contained within a safe area. Check with your local authorities if you plan to burn. Some areas require burning permits.

Campfires should not be left unattended. When you leave your campsite… Make sure the fire is out and the ground is cold to touch… Using water to extinguish the fire.

In 1995, I photographed the Smokejumpers forest firefighting crew out of Missoula, Montana and saw first hand what a fire can do to woodlands and those who live in the region.

It’s not something we want to see here.