Originally planned to ride my motorcycle down to Myrtle Beach Monday for Spring Bike Week but work got in the way, so I moved the departure to today.

The forecast for this area is cool but sunny but weather along the route predicts severe thunderstorms. I’ll ride in rain but I draw the line when lightning crackles out of the heavens.

It’s been that kind of year. More than one scheduled trip or event postponed by weather. Several high school sports events fell victim to rain, wind or storms. A tornado touched down in Indian Valley.

So Myrtle Beach may be off the schedule but I’m going to stick to my plan to take a few days off. I’ll ride for the next couple of days at least. I need some time aways from the news, the issues and the controversy du jour.

As one of the slogans for Harley-Davidson reads: Screw it…Let’s ride.