Sustainability is a big thing now, not only in Floyd but elsewhere and one of the big names in the sustainability movement is coming to the Country Store next Tuesday.

Says Country Store owner Woody Crenshaw:

The Floyd Sustainability Group, whose name is now officially "SustainFloyd" is hosting a special event on Tuesday morning May 26th, @  9:00 am at the Floyd Country Store. This will be a rare opportunity to meet and hear Mr. Bill McKibben speak about his work and vision. We are planning a round table discussion in front of an audience. 
In case you are not aware of Bill’s work and celebrity you may want to Google him. I did, and after 30 pages of links to his work  you’ll get the picture. Among other things, Bill is an futurist, philsopher, environmental activist, professor at Middlebury College in Vermont, an advocate and strategist for sustainable local economies, and author of a dozen books on subjects from climate change to the policitics of the global economy.
It will be a rare opportunity to converse with someone at the forefront, who posesses a broad vision of our chalenges and possibilities, and who will help us envision the future of our own community and how to make it a better and more sustainable place to live.
If you wish to attend please call Dawn Taylor at Crenshaw Lighting. 745-3900. or email her at

To see McKibben in action, check out this YouTube video