Bill McKibben is not an easy man to pigeonhole. His publicity materials say "Bill is a futurist, philsopher, environmental activist, professor at Middlebury College in Vermont, an advocate and strategist for sustainable local economies, and author of a dozen books on subjects from climate change to the politics of the global economy."

That’s a mouthful in anyone’s lexicon, but his message is simple: We had better find a better say to sustain ourselves because we can’t last long as a society if we continue to depend on oil from the Middle East or big box store items from China.

The key for survival, he says, is developing a sustainable economy that uses food we grow for ourselves, materials provided locally and energy from renewable resources like the sun.

He delivered that message Tuesday to a capacity crowd at the Floyd Country Store. The event — sponsored by Sustain Floyd — is part of the expanding sustainability movement in the area.