Rode my motorcycle up to Harrisonburg Sunday to check out a lawn and garden place that Amy found on the web. On the way back, took U.S. 33 to Shenandoah National Park and picked up a season pass for the Skyline Drive.

Hadn’t been on the Skyline Drive for a while and enjoyed the leisurely pace at 35 miles-per-hour (which Park Rangers were enforcing). Grabbed the shot above at one of the overlooks (can’t remember which one: So many on the drive are spectacular).

Followed the Parkway to U.S. 60 and then hopped over to U.S. 11 for the ride back into Roanoke. By the time I got home, the trip odomter said I had put 565 miles on the bike over the weekend. No wonder my butt was sore and my nose sunburned.