Maintaining tranquility is not easy when it comes to maintaining a gravel driveway on a hill in a Spring of unrelenting, heavy thunderstorms. The constant barrage of driving rain has washed out many gravel driveways in Floyd County and gravel trucks hauling fresh loads to area homes are a frequent site on local roads.

My DR Power Grader more than earns its keep during such times but regrading doesn’t last when you don’t have enough time between storms to let the driveway dry and harden. I’ve tried ditches and cross drains but when 4-5 inches rain down in a short time, the gravel and mud fills the ditches and drains and erosion takes over.

As the photo above shows, some of the slurry mix on our driveway is now off to the right side of the driveway, which means shovel time this weekend. With luck, I can trailer it back up to the top of the hill and then use the grader to spread it into the gullies currently masquerading as canyons in the driveway.

None of this will work, of course, unless the regrading mix has time to dry and harden and the forecast calls for more thunderstorms today and tonight along with storms in the forecast for nine of the next 10 days.

I will just keep reciting: "I am at peace with my driveway…ummmm….I am at peace with my driveway….ummmmm."