Floyd is a favorite stop for those who ride motorcycles. Their exhausts echo off buildings on most good riding days, especially on weekends and bikes often line the street as both local enthusiasts and those travel through stop for a bite to eat, a cup of coffee or to browse local shops.

According to the Virginia Department of Vehicles, more than 575 motorcycles are licensed for the road by residents of Floyd County and that total doesn’t count dirt bikes or those used for racing.

Floyd County residents don’t just ride Harley-Davidsons. You’ll find Japanese and European metrics along with American iron like Victory and Indians mixed in with the HOGs. There’s a strong contingent of BMW riders along with Triumphs, Motoguzzis and even some Nortons.

The American Motorcyclists Association lists Floyd as a biker-friendly town and urges its members to eat at local restaurants and visit the Friday Night Jamboree and local stops. Virginia Highway 8 from Floyd to Woolwine is listed as a "must ride" along with the Blue Ridge Parkway and other area roads.