There’s a stench that hits you full in the face as soon as you pass Ingram’s store while headed northbound on U.S. 221. You also see a brown path that goes down the center of the northbound lane of the pavement and then makes a right on Poor Farm Road, where it continues for about a half a mile before turning left into a farm.

That brown path and the stink comes from liquid manure that is leaking from one of Ingram’s trucks. It has dissipated some now but at the beginning of the week the hills were alive with the smell of cow dung.

Those of us who live in the area of Poor Farm, Sandy Flats and Harvestwood know when David Ingram is spreading the liquid stuff on his fields. That’s part of living in the country. But this is the first time I’ve seen it on the road. David’s truck is leaking and it stinks to high heaven. It was also slick along that stretch of road right after the truck made a trip with is load of watery cow excrement.

David is also chairman of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors and, frankly, I’m surprised that he is operating a truck that leaks liquid manure onto the road. I’m used to politicians spreading crap when they get together and meet or deliver another promise-laden but truth-lacking speech, but not on our public roads.

I suppose I could complain to my supervisor (Virgel Allen) but would he do something against the chairman of the board?