Banner day Sunday for wildlife on the Blue Ridge Parkway as I rode my motorcycle from Mabry Mill towards Virginia Rte. 8 and Floyd.

First, a fully-grown black bear bounded across the road about 50 feet in front of me near the intersection with Black Ridge Road. I braked but the bear was across the road and into the bushes before I approached its crossing point.  It headed down the hill towards Chatau Morrisette winery. A little wine perhaps.

A few more miles down, just before Rocky Knob overlook, a doe grazed along side of the road. I slowed and then stopped on the road. Deer too often lunge at the last minute and I hit one on my previous bike last year on U.S. 221 at the bottom of Bent Mountain.

This doe, however, seemed more curious than scared. With the bike still running, I reached back to my saddlebag and pulled out a camera. She regarded me with curiosity as I snapped a half-dozen photos and then went back to grazing.

(Photographer’s note: For those who think wildlife photos are only possible with lots of expensive equipment and long lens, this shot was taken with a Canon G9 "point and shoot" set on automatic.)