A hard, driving thunderstorm is drenching our part of Floyd County as I write this. It’s a prolonged one that has lasted more than 30 minutes, dropping bucketloads of water while thunder rattles the windows and lightning snakes across the darkness.

Figures. We just finished repairing our driveway as darkness approached Sunday evening, ironing out the last of the gullies created by the deluge that struck Friday morning. I dread daylight today because I know the driveway will be destroyed again. The grading from Sunday needed time to set. Didn’t happen.

We’re back in the pattern of earlier this Spring. The forecast calls for thunderstorms on nine of the next 10 days. The grass in our lawn will reach wilderness-like heights because there won’t be time to mow between downpours and most of our driveway will end up in Franklin County.

(UPDATE: 8:00 a.m. Daylight confirmed my worst fears. The storm washed away all the work from this weekend and it’s continuing to rain. Will this madness never end?)