Creigh Deeds in Floyd: He came, we saw, but did we concur?

Somebody in the Creigh Deeds camp has a copy of Politics for Dummies and thinks that the way to win an election in Virginia is to invoke the unpopularity and many misdeeds of the administration of former President George W. Bush.

True, it worked in Tom Perriello’s successful race to unseat Virgil Goode and it helped Barack Obama carry Virginia but Bush was still in the White House in 2008. This is 2009 and Deeds is running for governor of the Commonwealth, not a seat in Congress or four years at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Yet here is Deeds on the tube, telling us that he wants to be a governor like Mark Warner and opposes the tactics of George W. Bush.

If GOP candidate Bob McDonnell had served in the Bush administration I might understand dragging Dubya into the race but that ain’t the case.

Bringing up Bush into the race suggests desperation in the Deeds organization. Polls show McDonnell with a substantial lead.

The Washington Post reports:

Republican Robert F. McDonnell has claimed a clear early lead over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds in the race for Virginia governor, according to a new Washington Post poll.

Widespread criticism of the direction of a state run for the past eight years by Democrats and an increasingly GOP-friendly electorate have propelled McDonnell, who runs competitively even in the Democratic strongholds of Northern Virginia.

Less than three months before Election Day, the poll shows that relatively few Virginia voters are following the race closely, signaling that it could fluctuate considerably between now and November. Even fewer claim deep knowledge of McDonnell, the former attorney general, or Deeds, a state senator, who are vying to succeed Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D). Most voters have not formed an opinion or say they are apt to change their minds.

McDonnell is favored over Deeds among all registered voters, 47 to 40 percent, and is up by an even steeper margin, 54 to 39 percent, among those who say they are certain to vote in November.

If Creigh Deeds really wants to become governor, he needs to talk more about Virginia and fire the consultant who came up with the Bush ads.