Autumn (AKA Fall) arrives next week but the weather turned fall-like with the arrival of September 17 days ago. Cool nights and pleasant days have dominated the last two weeks and cooler weather arrives with the rain that is expected to soak the area over the next couple of days.

Rain is falling outside the window and the high temperatures today will be about 65 degrees. Lows over the next week will be in the 50s.

Leaves started falling earlier this month and enough cover the ground now to require taking and mulching. The fall color season starts in a couple of weeks. Floyd County High School’s varsity football team is back at home Friday night and the entertainment scene brings a Friday night concert called "Stop, Drop & Roll" at Pine Tavern and Saturday night  music featuring The Slate Mountain Ramblers at the Floyd Country Store.  Of course, the Friday Night Jamboree will bring bluegrass fans to downtown tomorrow night.

Yes, I’m rambling. Can’t really focus this morning. Too much going on, too many distractions and too many thoughts weighing too heavily.

This afternoon, I meet with students in two of Radford University journalism prof Bob Stepno’s classes to discuss community news, reporting, newspapers and the Internet.  That could, and should, recharge the batteries and bring things back into focus.