As the sun rises over the Blue Ridge Parkway in Southwestern Virginia, a new day and a new beginning starts in our lives as well.

Amy and I will be heading in new directions as we begin the process of closing our studio and gallery at The Village Green and embark on different challenges for the future.

Friends expressed concern over by depressed mood of late but I’m getting over it. As my grandmother used to say, "you’ve still got your health." Yes, we do and we have much more. My political news web site will celebrate 15 years on the World Wide Web on Thursday, October 1. Sports season is in full swing and my cameras will capture the action for The Floyd Press and this web site. I have a good gig covering county government and local courts for The Press as well.

I start collecting Social Security at the first of the year, which marks the beginning of semi-retirement. Amy still has years to go before she reaches retirement age so she is returning to work to bolster her contributions to the system.

Yes, we face challenges as we rebuild from the loss of our second business in five years but a life without challenge is a life without purpose.

We will make it.