Shaping up to be a busy week. The trial of Jeffrey Young, charged with assaulting an employee of Slaughter’s Supermarket in the store parking lot, starts today with jury selection in the Circuit Courtroom of the County Courthouse. Young is claiming he was insane when he hit the woman with his car and then clubbed her in front of witnesses.

The trial is expect to last 2-3 days.

On Tuesday night, the county Economic Development Authority meets to write what most expect will be the final chapter of the Data Knight 365 (DK3) saga and the aborted attempt of the company, which really existed only on paper, to buy 51.5 acres of land for a purported data center in the county’s Commerce Park.

And this is the final week for our studio, Blue Ridge Muse, at The Village Green in Floyd. We close Friday and will finish moving out on Saturday.