Gov. Tim Kaine

Creigh DeedsVirginia Gov. Tim Kaine, also chairman of the Democratic National Committee, brought an entourage of party candidates for state office to Floyd Friday night a visit to the Country Store and the Friday Night Jamboree. Kaine, who fancies himself as a harmonica man, took to the stage to jam with Katie and Bubbatones (above) after Creigh Deeds (left), along with hopefuls for Lt. Governor and Attorney General, gave a round of campaign speeches.

A pre-election stop at the Jamboree has become a rule of party politics in Virginia, especially for Democrats who need any edge they can get in this predominately Republican part of the state. Deeds faces an uphill campaign for governor against Republican Bob McDonnel, who narrowly defeated the Bath County Senator in a run for attorney general last time around. With the election coming up Tuesday, Deeds trails in most statewide polls