2012: The movie

Needed to relax after a long week so I rode over to Christiansburg late Friday afternoon to take in a movie.

When I need to unwind, I find two genres of film relaxing: Action films with mindless violence or doom and destruction science fiction. Bruce Willis isn’t making any new Die Hard movies so the best choice was Roland Emmerich’s civilization-ending 2012 had to do.

Emmerich directed one of my favorite science-fiction films: Independence Day — aliens comes to earth to destroy mankind. ID4 came out while we were still living in the Washington DC area. When the White House and Capitol were destroyed on screen, audiences in DC stood up and cheered.

In 2012, based on the belief that the end could come in just three years when the Mayan Calendar runs out, sends California crashing into the sea and buries the rest of the earth under water when solar flares cause a massive shift in the earth’s plates. The special effects might win an Oscar or two but the storyline and acting are about what you expect in a sci-fi popcorn movie. There’s an underlying environmental theme and an cry for more humanity in the world that gets in the way of all the mayhem but it’s always fun to wach Mother Nature kick ass and put mankind in its place.