P.T. Barnum is right: A sucker is born every minute. All you need do is witness the brain dead lemmings who show up at one of Sarah Palin’s book signing events.

As the video above shows, a bunch of them got upset with the diva of failed politics aborted her signing extravanganza in Noblesville, Indiana, and left her flawed faithful fans standing in the rain, clutching their unsigned editions of “Going Rogue” to their heaving, heartbroken bosums, chanting “sign our books” and “Sarah quits again” at petty Palin headed for another photo op.

Souless Sarah later posted on her Facebook propaganda page that she “understood” some people didn’t get their books signed and promised to make it up to them. Understood? Instead of “Going Rogue,” maybe she should changed her book title to “Going Deaf.”

Palin is scheduled to bring her side show to Roanoke Sunday for an signing at Barnes & Noble at Valley View Mall. Interestingly, those who want to try and get an book signed by the Bible-thumping sex symbol of the GOP will have to miss church to do so. Roanoke Times columnist Dan Casey has a good take on the incredible rules B&N has imposed on those who waste their time attending the book signing.