Kids and Santa

Thousands upon thousands of area shoppers descend on malls and the big box store today for “Black Friday,” the start of the Christmas shopping glut and the traditional “busiest shopping day of the year.”

Amy and I will not be among the throngs. We don’t do Black Friday. The last time I was in the middle of the mess on the day after Thanksgiving was while on assignment shooting pictures for a newspaper. One of the photos appears above.

Even our area motorcycle dealer is in on the act: New River Valley Harley-Davidson opened at 6 a.m. with Black Friday discounts. I won’t be there. I’m under a wife-imposed moratorium on motorcycle accessories.

Amy and I will not be playing the consumer consumption game. The only gifts we will give each other and loved ones will be things we make: My photography and her arts & crafts. Any shopping we do will be local, not at malls or big boxes. Call it our contribution to the Sustain Floyd movement.

Or call it coming to our senses. Either way works for us.