57485837The readout on the weather station on our back orch reads 28 degrees, a three-degree drop in the last our. With the winds, the chill is about 21 degrees.

Yeah, that’s cold but is is not as cold as it has been here in the mountains.

Temperatures in Floyd County have not dropped below zero in three years. Single-digit lows are rare.

Back when I worked for a living, I flew into Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on a December morning and the United Airlines pilot announced:

Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to welcome you to Chicago. The temperature outside is 24 degrees below zero. That’s the actual temperature, not the wind chill.

Now that’s cold. In the 1990s, I spent part of November at Lupin Bay, Canada, in the Artic Circle. The nighttime lows hit 40 below. That’s really cold.