Rocky Knob, the first "scenic overlook" one encounters when entering southbound on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Virginia Route 8, holds a lot of memories.

Raging teenage harmones often drew me to The Knob during the high school years in Floyd County. The ’57 Ford’s AM radio would pull in WLS in Chicago or WABC in New York, the perfect backdrop for two teenagers trying to figure out what goes where and why.

Meatloaf sang about such teen agnst in his rock classic Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

Maybe, for fun, we ought to survey those who grew up in Floyd County to find out just how many lost their virginity at Rocky Knob, either in the backseat of a car or on a blanket in the shelter at the top of the trail. Buffalo Mountain
The Knob has always been a special place, not only for memories of those nights when one young lady or another helped me steam up the windows of that ’57 Ford but also for the number of pictures

I have shot in and around the overlook. It offers one of the best views of the Buffalo plus an incredible view of the valley below, leading into Stuart. One such shot of the Buffalo, taken through a 500mm telephoto lens, shows a house with what must be the best view of the mountain.

Yet I can’t figure out exactly where that house is or how to get to it even though it appears in dozens of photographs taken of the mountain from the Knob. Just one of those mysteries I have to solve someday. When I get the time.