Christine Phillips: A 16-point night (photo from an earlier game)

Christine Phillips: A 16-point night (photo from an earlier game)

William Fleming’s Lady Colonels threw everything they had at undefeated Lady Buffaloes of Floyd County High School Saturday night, coming back more than once from seemingly insurmountable  leads but ultimately fell short 70-63 to the undefeated girls from the country.

Christine Phillips of the Lady Buffs called the game “the best competitions we’re had all year” and coach Travis Cantrell told the Roanoke Times that “you love to play in games in which teams compete like that.”

Floyd, used to domination early and throughout the game, led 22-3 at one point but Fleming fought back and closed to 10 points — 23-13 at the end of the first quarter.  Floyd opened the lead to 44-30 at the half but Fleming outscored the Lady Buffs 20-9 in the third quarter, cutting the lead to just 53-50.  The final quarter saw the Lady Buffs outscore the Lady Colonels 17-13 to bring the final score to 73-60.

The score marked the first time in eight games that the Lady Buffs scoring we held to under 80 points.

Floyd force 30 turnovers.  Christine Phillips led the Lady Buffs’ scoring with 16 points, followed by Hannah Belshan’s 14 points that included a triple play of three point shots.  Carley Lytton added 13 points.

Floyd’s heads into a next week with a 16-0 record.


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