Snow falling in Floyd in early afternoon on Wednesday.

Snow falling in Floyd in early afternoon on Wednesday.

Snow began falling in Floyd shortly before 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, quickly coating streets and other surfaces and creating slick roads with temperatures around 18 degrees.

Reports from around the county said half to three-quarters of an inch had fallen by 3 p.m. and the National Weather Service predicted accumulation of 2-14 inches by 8:30 p.m. and eight to 12 inches overnight.

But while wet snow is falling throughout the county as well as the New River and Roanoke Valleys, an ice storm that is spreading chaos through much of the South Wednesday appears to be missing our area.

Sleet and ice are predicted in Danville and points East as the storm continues to move up the Eastern seaboard overnight before ending around 5 p.m. with projected accumulations in Floyd County of anywhere from 10-18 inches.

Schools closed early Wednesday.  Several stores and businesses in Floyd either didn’t open or planned to close early as the pace of the snowfall increased.

After many failed forecasts earlier this winter, it looks like the “big one” — of sorts — finally arrived but with warming temperatures forecast next week, it’s visit will probably be a short one.

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