With temperatures in the lows 20s this morning it will be a while before the thermometer climbs enough to start any melting of the massive amounts of snow that covers yards, driveways and most of Floyd County.

The National Weather Service predicts the high will be around 43 Sunday afternoon.  Of course, the same folks predicted a high in the mid 30s for Saturday and the mid 20s was what most people saw and gusty winds made it seem even colder.

For many Floyd Countians, the long chore of trying to dig themselves out of the deep snow and drifts continues Sunday.

Some have received help.  Locust Grove Supervisor Lauren Yoder has been all over the county plowing driveways for the last couple of days and plans to continue Sunday.  Others have pitched in as well.

If the temperatures actually hit anywhere near the predicted high Sunday it will help those still trying to dig themselves out.

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