A rare sight in some parts of Floyd County.

It snowed and the costs of clearing it soared.

When snow falls, it costs money to remove it.  When a lot of snow falls, it costs a lot more.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says the cost of snow removal in Virginia this year cost at least $100 million more than the $157 million budgeted for the year.

And winter is now over.

Floyd County supervisors learned last month that snow removal from the courthouse parking lot, other public spaces and the school lots was originally estimated to cost up to $64,000 but the actual cost was more like $36,143.  The county, sadly, did not meet the threshold from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for getting reimbursement.

Says county Emergency Services Coordinator Kevin SowersL

The $64,000 was a high estimate for snow removal. Floyd County had to meet a $3.50 per capita threshold to be eligible for FEMA assistance.

The actual cost for snow removal in Floyd which includes Town of Floyd, Government Buildings, and the School System was $36,143. We have updated our initial damage report with the state.

Floyd County will not meet the threshold that was set by FEMA, but hopefully we can receive some assistance from the state. This assistance is only available when the governor declares a state of emergency.

Any time Floyd County can ask for assistance whether it is State or Federal, it shall be sought. Floyd County along with 10 other localities have submitted damage reports and are waiting on information from Richmond. I will let you know about their decision.

I would also like it known that no single contractor charged that amount, but it was a combined cost of several contractors and or departments.

Parts of Virginia are bracing for another winter storm Thursday night and into Friday morning.

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