More snow?  Yep.

More snow? Yep.

Funny thing about Mother Nature.  Just when one thinks they have figured her out she roars back in a bitchy way and bites all of us.

The snow that wasn’t expected to even hit much of the area dropped at least two inches along with reports of four or more and Floyd County awoke Friday morning to a sea of white mixed with ice and sleet.

Schools throughout the area closed,, some businesses put a “closed because of weather” sign in the door and residents on side roads hoped in vain for the sight of a Virginia Department of Transportation snow plow.

Sleet started falling as the daylight faded Thursday and turned into snow overnight.  With some snow still falling Friday morning and the temperatures around 28, situations are expected to remain sticky until the mercury moves above freezing around noon and the precipitations turns to rain.  With a high around 40, any rain that falls will help make short work of the snow.

But slick spots will abound throughout the area and caution is encouraged on the roads.  Police Friday morning reported wrecks on U.S. 221 near Topeka Church and Virginia Route 8 at Elephant Curve.

The sun is expected to return on Saturday with highs in the 50s and then reach into the low and upper 60s by Tuesday.


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