Springtime on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Woke up with a fever this morning.

Spring fever.

After a nice and snow-melting Saturday, the thermometer again appears ready to tackle the high 50s or early 60s today, the high 60s on Monday and 70 on Tuesday.

Raging Spring fever here and a long overdue case of the disease for all of us.

Winter will throw in another gasp early Thursday morning with lows in the upper teens and a projected high of 37 but the mercury goes back up with highs of 57 on Friday and 60 again on Saturday.

Is Spring here?  Yes, for a while, but March often is a finicky month and some surprises could still be in store.

Long-range forecasts suggest some snow is waiting for us on St. Patrick’s Day.

What else can you expect from the Irish — a group that honors a Saint who isn’t for reason they never quite understand but, as always, are willing to fight and die for them anyway.

(PUBLIC DISCLOSURE NOTE: Although the author of this article is primarily a mix of Scottish and Seminole, there is some Black Irish in there too.)