042610mabrymill2Mabry Mill begins a “major restoration project” Monday that closes the section of Blue Ridge Parkway in front of the attraction and reroutes traffic behind the historic structure.

The National Park Service says the mill will undergo a series of repairs that will “restore much of the site’s historical integrity.”  Part of the project involves removal of the large, water-driven mill wheel and transporting it to the Parkway’s Historic Preservation Workshop in Ashville, N.C.

Repairs include replacement of the wheel’s rotting and leaking water buckets, outer rims and rotten timbers that support the axle of the wheel.  the wheel’s fume will be cleaned of debris and side board and support timers are slated for replacement.

During the repairs and renovation, traffic will be routed to Virginia 758 and old U.S. 58 near Meadows of Dan to reconnect with the Parkway.


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