112713snow1-620x333Monday, at the beginning of the last week of Winter, Mother Nature is expected to bitch slap the area again with freezing temperatures and a “wintry mix” that will include freezing rain, sleet and snow.

A below freezing drop in the temperature Sunday night is expected to turn rain into more solid precipitation and a high of just 33 on Monday could close the doors again on Floyd County’s school system, which it out of school days and looking at a possible need to extend the current school’s end of the year beyond its expected date.

After Monday, sun returns briefly on Tuesday with temperatures climbing back into the 40s before a chance of rain and a high of 50 is expected on Wednesday.

Highs are expected to hover around the low to high 50s through the end of the week and the “official” start of Spring.

Next?  Who knows?  It has been that kind of winter .  One might be tempted to tell Mother Nature to “go to hell” but with the mood she’s been in this year, her presence there could cause hell to freeze over.

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