Karl and Hari Berzins came to Floyd after their restaurant in Orlando, Florida went bust in the recession and they decided that downsizing and living smaller was better in surviving life.

Determined to live within their means, they bought three wooded acres and built their own eight by twelve house with 336 square feet and moved into it with their two children in May 2001.

“The economy made us do it,” they say but now they can’t imagine going back to living large.

Hari wrote an e-book about living small and Ladies Home Journal saw it and featured the Berizens as one of three couples in an article: The Joys of Living Small: 3 Families Share Their Tiny Houses.

On Monday, they appeared on The Today Show to talk about living small but also revealed Karl, who build the first home, is working on a new one — with 1,400 square feet, a master bedroom and separate bedrooms for the son and daughter.