122809electricMother Nature’s overnight blow job left more than 2,600 Virginia area electric customers without power this morning, including 1,039 in nearby Patrick County, 469 in Roanoke County, and 431 in Franklin.

High winds downed trees and power poles, knocked down electric lines and left many in the dark as Sunday morning dawned cold and blustery with temperatures in Floyd County around 29 and winds blowing at 30 t0 35 miles per hour, bringing the wind chill down to about 16 degrees.

Reports of snow flurries are coming in from parts of the county, but no significant accumulations and the moisture falling from the skies is expected to turn to rain as the temperatures climb to a high of around 50 today.

But the high-wind warning continues until 10 p.m. Sunday and the temperatures are expected to plunge back to below freezing before skyrocketing into the high 60s Monday and 70s through the week.

With overnight lows mostly in the mid to high 40s through Friday, the weather may actually look and feel a little more like Spring.

Many could say “it’s about time.”