A young girl's running uniform

A young girl’s running uniform…

A long email from a parent of a student track athlete complained recently that some schools are letting their female team members “show too much skin” with skimpy, tight uniforms.

Another parent said one of my photos from the recent Virginia High School League State Track Championships at Radford University (published in another paper, not The Floyd Press) was “disgusting.”

That photo showed one female track athlete looking at the tight, revealing bottom of a runner’s uniform.  The look on her face suggested the uniform was, shall we say, too “cheeky.”

“A high school athletic event should not be fertile ground for a child molester or sexual pervert,” the parent said.  “I’m glad our school does not use such uniforms.”

Some parents say uniforms that reveal too much skin have no place on a high school athletic field.  Others point out that such outfits show less than the same teenagers may be showing wearing a bikini at a pool.

Ironically, VHSL had an official at the track meet who focused on female athletes who rolled down the waistbands of uniform shots — a common movement to help make shorts that are too large fit — but said nothing about lowers cut high enough on the sides to show butt cheeks or too tight in all the wrong places.

Floyd County High School does not, at this point, follow what some other schools are doing when it comes to track uniforms but a move a couple of years ago to spandex outfits for the volleyball team led to some complaints.

The move to more form fitting uniforms started in colleges and universities.

...and it got some looks

…and it got some looks