Floyd County Supervisors:  A close call on budgets

Floyd County Supervisors: A close call on budgets

The 2014 budget process is going down to the wire this year with Floyd County Supervisors meeting at noon next Tuesday to review final budget figures, approve a final budget total along with the tax rate for the new fiscal year that begins on that day.

The school board is set to approve its final budget on Monday — the last day of the fiscal year — and supervisors are expected to approve the final amounts in the school district categories and reserve the right to change items in those categories at the regularly-scheduled meeting the following week.

With a Democratic governor and a GOP-controlled General Assembly, the delays in this year’s budget could be a precursor to what we will see in coming years.

But the tension is not limited to state levels.  In Floyd County, supervisor chairman Case Clinger and School Superintendent Kevin Harris tussle over the budget each year — continuing a history of disagreements that began with Harris’ predecessor — former school superintendent Terry Arbogast.

In other words, chaos.