What happens if a natural gas pipeline blows out

What happens if a natural gas pipeline blows out

Looks like another pipeline fight is in Floyd County’s future.

County residents sidetracked plans for a natural gas pipeline through the county several years ago but two national energy companies have new plans to build another such pipeline from Northwestern West Virginia to Piittsylvania County  and that pipeline would run through Giles, Pulaski, Montgomery, Floyd and Franklin counties.

As with last time, the proposal has locals riled up and ready for a fight.  Such a pipeline can not only affect scenic views, it can also pose health, safety and environmental problems.

A recent post on Facebook in the Floyd Group section brought dozens of comments and a report by WDBJ, Channel 7, in Roanoke sparked another discussion today.  Blowouts can — and have — killed people.

Posted Bill Kovarik:

Its official – Floyd now has a pipeline fight on its hands. There are good reasons to oppose these kinds of projects — safety, water pollution, noise, disruptions. First step: Get informed. Second step: Get organized. Possibly the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) can help.

Calling itself The Mountain Valley Pipeline, the proposal calls for construction over the next four years and connected to a compressor station in Chatham owned by Williams Transco Company.

The projects would affect at least 1,500 property owners in the affected counties.