Packing to leave at Ryan's

Packing to leave at Ryan’s

Fans of Ryan’s buffet restaurant at New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg will have to look elsewhere to eat.

The longtime and popular eatery closed without warning Sunday night and trucks began moving the interior equipment to a new location in West Virginia.

In conflicting stories, the company that owns Ryan’s claims the lease was up and they couldn’t reach agreement with the landlord while managers of the mall say they sold the land to Ryans several years ago and the the company is its own landlord.

Some say Ryan’s has been going downhill in recent months and closing was a mercy killing but the sudden move left workers without jobs although those with 90 days or more of employment got severance packages.

The move caught competitors by surprise as well.  The waiter at Olive Garden appeared shocked Monday night when we told him of the closure.

“Gosh,” he said.  “I had no idea.”