Spent most of Sunday unloading 3,500 pounds of furniture and stuff from the trailer that we towed 800 miles from Illinois to Willis. Our biggest worry, the antique china cabinet with the curved glass sides, arrived unscathed, as did everything else, a minor miracle considering some of the rough roads we encountered during the trip.

Gotta turn the U-Haul trailer in to Hilltop Rentals in Hillsville this morning before heading for the studio and a week of work. Lots to catch up on after the hectic wrapup of the home sale in Illinois last week and the two-day drive on Friday and Saturday.

George Carlin once built an entire comedy routine about the all-American habit of accumulating “stuff.”

“We collect all this stuff until we don’t have any more room,” Carlin said, “but do we get rid of the stuff? Hell no. We add on to the house and build more closets just to hold more stuff.”

Thought about that a lot during the last few weeks. Amy spent five weeks in Illinois cleaning out more than 40 years of stuff from her family home. She trucked more than 100 boxes to an estate auction company before setting on the 20 or so boxes and three pieces of furniture we loaded into the U-Haul to bring back to Virginia.

Where we added it to all of our “stuff.”