Was this what Virginia's former First Lady up to?

Was this what Virginia’s former First Lady up to?

Looks like former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, fighting to try and keep from being convicted and in prison for multiple crime while in office, will do anything to try avoid a guilty verdict — even claim his wife was romantically involved with former diet drug kingpin Jonnie Williams.

Yep, the former governor claims his former Washington Redskins cheerleader wife had the hots for Williams and that he was just an innocent victim of his wife’s passion to accepting gifts from Williams.

Of course, this doesn’t explain why Maureen McDonnell got Williams to get a Rolex for Bobby and other gifts for the governor that had nothing to do with what may or may not have been sack time between the Commonwealh’s first lady and Williams, who has turned state’s evidence against both McDonnells.

As a trial that is expected to last six weeks or more started in Richmond Monday the defense attorneys for McDonnell are dripped with tawdry excitement over expectation of sordid extracurricular activities between Maureen and Jonnie Williams.

Defense attorney William Burck told the jury Tuesday that Maureen McDonald “has a crush on Williams” and considered him a “playmate.”

The marriage between the McDonnell’s was strained, Brurk said, and the first lady of Virginia was starved for affection.  Another defense attorney for McDonnell said Williams was a schemer who manipulated the governor’s wife and took advantage of their troubled marriage.

Burck said Williams “showered with the attention she craved.”  But none of the defense lawyers actually claimed banging private parts together  — at least not yet.

McDonnell was oblivious to any of this, the lawyers incredibly claimed, and was too busy being a good and proper governor.

Prosecutors, of course, say the governor was busy lining his own pockets and selling his office to the higher bidder — especially top bidder Jonnie Williams.

Stay tuned.  This will be a prime soap opera, complete with sex and scandal.