Sandy Flats Road in Floyd County three days after snowfall

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDoT) admitted Monday it failed to meet its self-imposed goal of clearing all roads (primary and secondary) within 48 hours of a winter storm.

To meet that goal, VDoT would have needed to have all roads cleared by midnight Sunday. They were still getting to secondary roads in Floyd County on Monday.

Even worse, too may roads that have been scraped remain hazardous, covered with areas of solid ice from overnight freezes.

For some reason, VDoT crews neglected to lay down any chemicals or abrasives on hard-surfaced secondary roads so they remain packed with snow and ice.

We’ve received a number of emails from county residents who say their roads are dangerous and, in some cases, still impassable.

Temperatures over the next few days are expected to reach into the 40s so more of the ice and snow remaining on the roads may melt but lows in the 20s each night will leave some roads slick with ice.