Floyd's "crosswalk to nowhere" on South Locust Street

Uncleared sidewalk in front of town parking lot

Question for Floyd Town Government: Who’s responsible to clearing the sidewalks in front of town property after a snow storm? For example, the sidewalk that runs along the town’s municipal parking lot on South Locust Street?

Because the sidewalk hadn’t been touched by Monday afternoon, the crosswalk on South Locust was a path to nowhere. The crosswalk entrance in front of Angels in the Attic was clear but the other side of the street was not.

The sidewalks on both sides of the entrance to the town’s parking lot were not clear, leaving those who use the lot the choice of walking in the street with traffic or trudging through a foot or more of snow.

I saw mayor-elected Will Griffin headed for lunch at El Charro Monday and asked him who’s responsible.

“That’s a good question,” he said. “The town I suppose.”

That’s what we supposed too.

UPDATE: The sidewalks in front of the town’s parking lot were shoveled Wednesday.