Question of the day: Does the town of Floyd have an ordinance specifying if, when and how a sidewalk must be cleared in front of a business or residence?

I’ve asked the question in the past and have yet to get a clear ordinance on what, if anything, is in the town ordinances regarding who is responsible for keeping a sidewalk clear and what penalties, if any, are imposed for those who don’t.

When snow strikes, sidewalk clearing is, shall we say, haphazard. Some clear their sidewalks right away. Others carve a narrow path and still others do nothing. Paths on sidewalks can end in a pile of snow blocking further progress.

Walking in Floyd this week could be tense because in many places, those trying to get from one place to the other by foot had to share the road with motorists and pedestrians learned long ago that some drivers don’t play well with others.

Some municipalities have strict ordinances requiring prompt removal of snow from sidewalks in front of property. Washington, DC, for example, requires removal within 8 eight hours on the first day following a storm. Blacksburg requires removal of snow or ice from a sidewalk within 24 hours.

Fairfax County, however, is a little more tolerant. Reads their ordinance:

As soon as feasible, clear snow off the sidewalks in front of their property so that all pedestrians, especially school children, those with disabilities, and the elderly, may walk securely.

So what’s the answer for Floyd?

Beats the heck out of us.